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Đỗ Hiệp


Born in 1984 in Hung Yen province, Do Hiep is one of emerging artists of Vietnam.

After graduating from Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2007, Do Hiep mostly focused on abstract paintings at his first stage of practice before finding a rich source of inspiration from ancient sculptures and traditional reliefs in temples, pagodas and communal houses. Hiep employs a variety of mediums including lacquer, oil and acrylic incorporating with typical materials of traditional crafts - wood carving, dzo paper, clamshell, silver and gold leaf. Using his self image as a main object for his works recently, with a delicate combination between the recurring motifs of fairy commonly depicted in Asian fine arts and the detailed illustration of a human body which is evocative of Leonardo da Vinci's ‘The Vitruvian man’, Hiep’s works are uniquely striking in their fairy-tale, levitating fascination, yet at the same time provoking reflective thoughts on individual’s identity in modern society.

Do Hiep has participated in several international artist residency programs in China, Korea, Thailand,.. His notable recent exhibitions include: ‘13’ - Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi - 2019. ‘Tiên/Fairy’ - Dong Phong art gallery, Hanoi - 2017; ‘Long dream’ - Nguyễn art gallery, Hanoi - 2008.


This artist currently has no available work at Manzi


A Walk

D: 60 cm
lacquer, pearlshell, wood



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