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I ask AI about my show

a conversation with Chat GPT by Ha Ninh Pham

Hi AI, I have a solo show coming up this week. Could you please take a look at it and let me know what you think?

[CHATGPT 3.5] Of course! Can you please provide some information about the exhibition? What is the theme of the show, and what type of artwork will be displayed?


The show surrounds the concept of "Entrusted Conjectures". I don't know why I am hung up on that name but it sounds very cool. What do you think “Entrusted Conjectures” might mean?

[ChatGPT 4] "Entrusted Conjectures" could have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

"Entrusted" typically means to give someone the responsibility or authority to do something or to take care of something important. "Conjectures" are ideas or opinions formed without sufficient evidence or proof.


Therefore, the phrase seems to suggest a combination of trust, responsibility, and uncertainty, which could refer to scientific research, philosophical debates, or even personal beliefs.


Interesting! So what can be considered an entrusted conjecture?

[ChatGPT 4] An "entrusted conjecture" could refer to an idea or hypothesis that has been given a certain level of trust or authority, even though it may not be fully proven or supported by conclusive evidence.

In scientific research, for example, a researcher might propose a hypothesis based on preliminary data or observations, and this hypothesis might be considered an "entrusted conjecture" by colleagues or the scientific community until it can be further tested and validated through experiments or additional evidence.

Similarly, in philosophy or theology, certain beliefs or theories might be considered "entrusted conjectures" by adherents or scholars, even though they may not be fully verifiable or provable.

Overall, an "entrusted conjecture" is an idea or opinion treated with a degree of trust or respect, even though it may not be fully supported by conclusive evidence.


Do you think that “Entrusted Conjectures” is a good name for a show?

[CHATGPT 3.5] I think "Entrusted Conjectures" is an intriguing and thought-provoking title. The juxtaposition of the words "entrusted" and "conjectures" could also suggest a connection between trust and uncertainty. In the context of the art show, this might imply that you are attempting to establish a bond with the audience by inviting them to embrace and engage with the uncertainties and conjectures presented in the work.

Of course, the meaning of the title ultimately depends on how the viewers interpret it. It's possible for the title to evoke multiple interpretations, sparking curiosity and dialogue among viewers.


Look at my show, what do you see?

[images uploaded]

[MPT-7] This is a room with a large floor and gray walls. The room has a large window on the left side, with a black curtain hanging in front of it. There is a large rectangular shape in the middle of the room with several wooden [objects] on it. The room is lit with a dim light.

[BLIP-2] There are three models of wooden boats. The boat[s] have a curved deck, mall cabins, and a curved hull. [They] have a curved shape and appear to be made from a single piece of wood. But it is not clear whether it is also made of plastic or metal.

[MPT-7] There is a wooden tray with a large number of cups on it. It is made from wood. The [tray] has a rectangular top and four legs that are made from metal. The legs are positioned at each corner of the [tray].


There is a white marble table top with a white marble base and four legs made of marble. The table top has a smooth surface and is made of white marble with small gray veins running across it. The legs are also made of white marble and have a square shape with rounded edges.


There is a model of a wooden tower made from various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. It is made to look like a tall, thin tower with several rooms and floors. The tower has many different rooms and floors, including a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. There are also windows and doors on the tower. 


Do you think they look scientific enough? 


[images uploaded]

[MPT-7] No, they are models of buildings. They are made of wood and have several rooms. They are also suspended from the ceiling.

Do you think they are art?


[images uploaded]

[MPT-7] This object is made of wooden blocks that are stacked on top of each other. The blocks are arranged in a spiral shape, with each block having a different shape and size. The overall design of the object is very simple and elegant, with a minimalistic aesthetic. The object does not appear to be functional but rather is more of an art installation.

Do you know me, Hà Ninh Pham? I am the artist who made this show.
[ChatGPT 4] I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I don't have access to information on all individuals, especially those who are not well-known. Searching for "Hà Ninh Pham" yielded no prominent results for a fine artist. It's possible that they are a relatively unknown or emerging artist, or they may not be active in the art world at a professional level.

* This conversation is conducted in English and translated by Google Translate.

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