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Above Under Sky

March 15, 2014
March 2, 2014
Lê Giang & Lê Hoàng Bích Phượng

Including a series of simple but intriguing installations and drawings, ‘Above Under Sky’ by visual artists Lê Giang (Hanoi) and Lê Hoàng Bích Phượng (HCMC) transformed the space of manzi, urging the audience to find out the real layers hidden behind every single artworks.

Slightly different from her previous artworks which were deftly painted in subtle watercolours tones, this time, Lê Hoàng Bích Phượng brings us her latest creations in human shapes - all are vague, colourless but reflecting the insentience of mankind.

In connection to Phượng's, Lê Giang’s artwork is also an exploration into the multi-layers of personal conflicts, to find out the answer for her question “What is a perfect world?” Using the hole as symbol of an entrance to another world, Giang has tried to create an imaginary realm within the everyday, to make possible the utopian.

*This event is supported by the Prince Claus Fund & the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) of the Danish Embassy.


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