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Fading Dream - Disintegrating Realities

August 4, 2014
July 18, 2014
Hà Mạnh Thắng

As a preview for his solo show at Thavibu Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2014, this show presents Ha Manh Thang’s latest creations to Hanoi's audience.

Shifting away from portraying urban landscapes with iconic architectures and housings typical of contemporary Vietnam, in his new series of paintings, Thang is exploring with such themes as memories, history and cultural heritages.

"...Sometimes I question myself: At the end, to where does art lead us? We work with great effort to make our art newer and fresher, but is that important or is art like a journey that leads back to nature – we go away and then come back to the beginning where we started? All turbulences and changes are part of impermanence. It seems that in both art and life there still exists something like those temples and ruined costumes... The best selection is that by nature – where there are things that we humans can’t control." (Ha Manh Thang)


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