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Not All Dreams

September 26, 2016
September 9, 2016

Not All Dreams is a response to two exhibitions planned for August and September being cancelled for different reasons. Such seeming setbacks raise internal questions for manzi about the what, why and how of what we do, which can serve as points of departure for our programming.

Not All Dreams is a visualisation of an ongoing conversation we have been having amongst ourselves and with collaborators about the different building blocks that comprise manzi and exploring what would happen if one or another is removed.

INTO THIN AIR was the first such enquiry. Not All Dreams continues this internal evaluation made public. The former took the form of an exhibition in various public spaces, which originated from its curators asking “What can be done if there was no physical space to display art in?” The later takes as its focal point the perceived necessity of the realisation of every idea and explores this by way of a ‘visual discussion’, open to the public, and a focused internal conversation among curators and people who own and run art spaces.

Both the public and internal aspects of Not All Dreams are invitations to ponder whether the dreams that ‘could’ be realised within the realm of manzi, are as potent as the ones that actually are. And it is an appeal to conceive of a dream without being weighed down by the constraints of having to realise it.

Discussion starts: 7PM Friday 09 Sept
Discussion pauses: Mon 26 Sept

*The discussion is part of manzi’s art programme supported by CDEF of the Danish Embassy


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