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PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ

August 17, 2015
July 26, 2015
Ly Hoàng Ly
Patricia Nguyễn
John Lee

PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ - is an interactive multi-media video, sound, photography installation and poetry performance project including a series of artist’s books that explores the relationship between bodies, shifting landscapes, and cultural memory in Vietnam. Through an embodied experience attending to the sense of sight, sound, and tactile navigation, PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ - offers an experience that challenges the viewer to question the relationship between notions of memory and amnesia, home and displacement, and construction and destruction. Playing with the formation of memory and space through reflective distortions and through audience collaboration, based on the audience’s decision to actively participate or refusal to interact, PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ - can be considered as a gesture to invite the viewer to experiment with their perceptions of a world that is emerging alongside another world that is possible.

PRISM - lăn[g] kính lăn[g] trụ - is made possible by collaboration between a Vietnamese, Vietnamese American, and Korean American artist.


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