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Smile! Temporary Art

April 26, 2015
March 26, 2015
Plonk & Replonk.

As a collaboration of manzi art space with L’Espace Hanoi, the exhibition 'Smile! Temporary Art' presents the weird and wonderful world of Plonk & Replonk.

Well-known in both their place of birth Switzerland and neighboring country France as Plonk & Replonk, the artist duo/brothers Hubert Froidevaux (b. 1966) and Jacques Froidevaux (b. 1963) explore the endless possible uses of humour in various art forms: object, sculpture, installation, light box, postcard, graphic print etc. Characterized by a mix of black humour and wicked wit, which borders on the sarcastic and mischievous, Plonk & Replonk deal with worldwide relevant topics such as environment, globalization, education and consumerism with both criticality and lightheartedness, making their work brutally honest yet playful and fantastical.

By turning ordinary objects, habits and events upside-down and inside-out, Plonk & Replonk ask us to see reality in other ways. Or rather, they invite us in for a not-your-usual exhibition, a never-ending laughter work-out, and a hard-to-find chance to at least, for once, let ourselves loose and laugh at art.


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