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The Desiring Garden

April 29, 2013
March 29, 2013
Jamie Maxtone-Graham

The photography exhibition ‘The Desiring Garden’ showcases a series of fascinating works by Jamie Maxtone-Graham, an American photographer based in Hanoi.

Produced within intensely urban Hanoi, Vietnam, the images in The Desiring Garden are the record of a place that exists between the projected and the perceived.

"The images in The Desiring Garden prey on the Western perception of the exotic; a Rousseau-like play on an environment – here, the urban center of Hanoi - in which certain indigenous species of plants, some items of human utility and sources of nourishment are presented together in some arrangement alongside people with an uncertain relationship to these objects.

The physical view of the people inhabiting the frame, observed within these embellished environments, is that of an outsider; of one who looks upon the scene - but not in - and, in turn, is unnoticed."


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