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Hà Đào


Ha Dao is a photographer and artist based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Drawn by the quiet drama in everyday life, she started out making images that take an imaginative approach to the documentary genre, often through the lens of gender and sexuality. Her current practice incorporates multimedia and explores stories of love on the margin. Her works have been showcased at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery (Japan), Manzi Art Space (Vietnam), Xie Zilong Museum (China) and Objectifs Centre of Photography & Film (Singapore), and featured in the British Journal of Photography, Photoworks, Trans Asia Photography Journal, among others. She was granted the Seed Award by the Prince Clause Fund and the 38th Higashikawa Award in the Overseas photographer category in 2022. Ha co-runs Matca, an independent initiative dedicated to opening conversations around photography in Vietnam since 2017.

Photo: Vũ Khôi Nguyên



This artist currently has no available work at Manzi




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