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Nguyễn Nghĩa Cương


Nguyen Nghia Cuong was born in 1973 in Bac Ninh. He graduated from the Vietnam University of Fine Art in 1996 and is now living and working in Bac Ninh.

Throughout the last decade, Cuong focused on the interference of conventional morale values and the utilitarian contemporary Vietnamese society. He has a satirical approach to discuss the impact of consumerism and a specific language to express his viewpoint. His main topics are consumerism, commercialisation and the relationship between people and he uses the packing boxes and newspapers with logos and brands as the canvas for his paintings using coloured powder. The usage of logos and brands may be related to western Pop art but the artworks still have their own local characteristics.

Cuong has had five solo exhibitions and over ten group exhibitions. His artworks are included in the collection of the Singapore Museum of Art.


This artist currently has no available work at Manzi


A fish beholding the moon

80 x 60 cm
watercolor on dzo paper



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