Nguyễn Trần Cường


Widely known and adored for his water-colour works on Vietnamese traditional dzo paper, Cuong was born in 1979 and graduated from the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, majoring in lacquer painting.

The bizarre and childlike images often seen in Cuong’s paintings come from his dreams: a couple caught in an act of love, a man flying off into the sky or a naked woman dancing. By keeping parts of the background blank and using large basic geometrical shapes, simple forms and a muted colour palette, the artist is able to construct not only an impression of an open and tranquil space in his work, but also an aesthetic and style reminiscent of naïve art that sets him apart from the rest.

Cuong’s most remarkable exhibitions include: ‘Paper II’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Vietnam – Thailand: Exchanging Art.


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