Nguyễn Văn Duy


Graduated from Hue University of the Arts in 2013, Nguyen Van Duy is among the young talents of emerging artists community of the Central Vietnam.

Refuse to pursue traditional subjects and materials, Duy consistently experiments with diverse artistic forms and media. His practice revolves  around a search of answers to the question 'For what purpose we are born?' that is apparently prevalent among his generation, yet Duy managed to set himself apart from the rest with a pop style mixed with witty minimalism in colors and lines. His thought-provoking works are usually a synthesis of humor with satire, surrealism and irrationalism with existentialism.

He has participated in many exhibitions and art projects organized by Goethe Institute, Hue Cultural Museum, Nha San Collective ... In 2019, he participated in group exhibition 'Foliage 3' at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art. 


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Killing muse

60 x 32 cm
acrylic on canvas


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