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Lê Thúy


Born in 1988 in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, and  graduated from both the Thanh Hoa Art and Culture College and the Vietnam Fine Art University, Le Thuy has established herself as an emerging artist since 2012 when she became the winner of the Art Council Award for her “Mơ” (“Dream”) installation in the competition Students are Arts, Vietnam Fine Art University. Four years later, Le Thuy is one of three winners of Young Talent Programme for 2016/17, organized by ION Art Gallery and the Affordable Art Fair Singapore.

Being passionate about silk – the traditional typical material of Eastern Area, Le Thuy has chosen silk painting as one of the main part of her creative practices. “Silk is smooth but weaved with extremely tight silk fibers, just like connections among individuals in a society. I exploit the transparent aspects of silk to create the feeling of longing, mystery, and obsession. Viewers can focus on the image on the surface of the silk, or also see through the silk to what is behind the silk, to create tension that reflects my own obsessions.” Captivated by concepts of place and space, beauty in life and death, Le Thuy raises thought provoking questions in her works: “where is a place of peace? -  an uninhabited world? or a world of death?

Le Thuy’s works are included in various local and international collections such as the Dogma Collection in Saigon, Vietnam and Elegant Team Development Collection in HongKong.


This artist currently has no available work at Manzi


Revisit Hoan Kiem Lake

30 x 40 cm
watercolor on silk



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